Get Angry Customers to Back Down

Our Live De-escalation Academy is full, but your team can access our On-Demand De-escalation Training NOW!

In this specialized de-escalation training, your employees go from feeling overwhelmed and powerless when they have to give customers bad news, to feeling confident, firm, and in-control as they bring down the temperature in interactions and guide customers to next steps. My de-escalation students gain value from lessons dripped over four days, Q & A, a supportive learning community, and certification upon completion.

Customer Service Online Training Full-Access-Pass

Subscribe one learner or a thousand annually.

Access my entire training library for one year, including any content I release during your active subscription. In my digital customer service classes, I teach your employees how to talk with friendliness, show empathy, write human-tone chats and emails, and make customers feel heard and understood. We also take on how to de-escalate customers.

Ready-to-go Customer Service eLearning

Engaging video training, with knowledge checks. - Contact us if you want us to invoice you or for help with bulk enrollment.

Walmart called my eLearning “the gold standard” and John Hancock said, “The first thing that struck us was how engaging each module was….you are asked to actively participate in each module, and there are action items you take away.”

LMS Learning Integration

Host my training on your LMS for more control with administration and reporting.

Customers with a Learning Management System (LMS) can easily upload my courses and quizzes to their system and lease the files on an annual subscription. We also offer a perpetual lease agreement so that you can have the training forever.