Module 1: Psychological Communication

  • 01

    Hard lessons about confidence and assertiveness

    • De-escalation Comes Down to 4 Things

  • 02

    Psychological Communication (Building confidence & influence)

    • A Framework for Getting Customers to Back Down and Listen to You

    • What a Fight at Kmart Taught Me

    • Psychological Priming

    • Lesson from a Seinfeld episode!

    • "You know how to take a reservation but..."

    • Be regretful, but direct when you refuse a request

    • How to Remove Yourself As a Threat

    • Avoid Negative Priming

    • The Psychological Power of the Word "Because"

    • Talk with Confidence and Finality

    • Start, Stop, Continue

    • Ask Myra a question

  • 03

    Tactical De-escalation Manuevers

    • Use your assertive voice