Master Class Outline

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  • 01


    • Kick-off

  • 02

    Telephone Skills

    • 7-Point Call Strategy

    • You're the customer!

    • Frustration-free Holds & Transfers

    • Now, a knowledge check!

    • What are your key takeaways?

  • 03

    Call Control

    • You need to get your average handle time (AHT) down

    • Steps 1 & 2 (Assert Your Way In and Make Customer Feel Understood)

    • Step 3: Redirect

    • Redirect with Downward Inflection

    • Redirect with 3 Questions

    • Bag it up! (Comprehensive Recap)

    • Application opportunity

    • Call Control Check-in

    • You're in control now!

  • 04

    Empathy in Customer Service

    • What is appropriate empathy in customer service?

    • Empathy Versus Sympathy?

    • 4 Keys to Empathy in Customer Service

    • Empathy Knowledge Check

    • Empathy Field Trip

    • Pause and capture ideas!

  • 05

    Delivering Bad News to Customers

    • Gaining Confidence for Delivering Bad News

    • Seinfeld Car Rental Episode

    • Seinfeld Reflection

    • 4 Keys to Delivering Bad News

    • Let's check your Knowledge!

    • What have you learned so far?

  • 06

    Handling Challenging Customers

    • This is how you de-escalate

    • Step 1: Recognize

    • Step 2: Reframe

    • Hold the chicken!

    • Reflection

    • Step 3: Resolve

    • 3R Method Practice

    • Handling Challenging Customers Knowledge Check

    • What are you biggest aha's?

  • 07

    Wow! You're about to get your certificate!

    • Message your boss

    • Here's what to say in your text/email

    • I loved this time with you!

    • Will you give me feedback on this Master Class?

    • Let's do a quick knowledge check!

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