Customer Service Master Class


The most comprehensive customer service training for telephone skills, empathy, delivering bad news, handling challenging customers, and supporting customers in chat, email, and text interactions.

My Customer Service Master Class is the only training that not only shows your employees how to give bad news and regain control of interactions - but how to deliver a delightful telephone customer experience, convey empathy, and support customers over chat, email, and text.


Before I tell you about this behavior-transforming customer service training, let’s talk about who this is for…

You need a comprehensive customer service training program to train, re-train, or onboard customer service employees in your contact center, medical office, retail store, or other customer-facing roles. You need to prepare your team to handle challenging customers.

And your employees...

  • Need support and easy-to-follow frameworks for consistently delivering a delightful customer experience over the phone, email, or chat.

  • Get surveys reporting they aren't friendly or helpful.

  • Occasionally deal with aggressive customers who yell, cuss, cut them off, or immediately ask for a supervisor.

  • Struggle with call control.

  • Work from home and don't have quick access to supervisors and peers for support when they talk to challenging customers.

  • Have never had specific customer service training.

You’re in the right place. I’m going to tell you exactly how my Customer Service Master Class will prepare your employees to improve the feel, sound, and flow of interactions over the phone, chat, email, and text, and get angry customers to back down.

Customer Service Master Class is Access to my Full Library of Courses!

Eight full courses neatly packaged in my Master Class, or choose classes À la carte!

Video lessons, assessments, and worksheets (fillable online without printing)!

What frontline customer service professionals think matter the most to me!

“Thank you so much for your videos. I am required to take a specific amount of e-learning a year in my customer service job. I work in the call center of a pharmacy benefit manager. Until I found your videos, I felt like I was watching paint dry. I only paid attention enough to pass the required tests at the end of the videos. Your videos have challenged and invigorated me.”


Customer Service Specialist from Wisconsin

Engaging, Fun, Behavior-changing Training

We've condensed my interactive and fun onsite customer service training – workshops I've delivered to companies like Coca-Cola, Vera Bradley, Frito-Lay, and McDonald's – down to the fundamentals. Your employees get the full sensory experience of my training online.

We enhance the learning with dynamic worksheets, cheat sheets, and checklists.

Supporting students!

We enhance the learning with dynamic worksheets, cheat sheets, and checklists. All of our supplemental worksheets are PDF fillable. Your employees type right on the document - no need to print, which is fantastic for remote workers.
Telephone Skills checklist sheet

We nudge your employees to complete courses!

Supporting students!

Every week, my team updates students on their progress.

Certificate of Achievement!

Supporting students!

When students complete the lessons and assessments, they earn certificates suitable for framing! We encourage students to add their achievement on their resume and LinkedIn profile.

Discover effective techniques that will help you for years and years!

This customer raved about the effectiveness of my training!


  • Can I see an outline and preview a module before registering my team?

    Yes, please preview this course! Click any yellow button on this page, and you'll land on our outline and preview page. You'll need to click "Preview for Free" to walk through the course.

  • How long is your Customer Service Master Class?

    It will take your employees two hours and 16 minutes to complete the video lessons. No rush, though, because your employees have twelve months' access to the course.

  • Can we get progress reports?

    You sure can. When you train with us, you get progress reports as often as you like. We give all customers instructions on how to get progress reports.

  • How can I be sure my employees participate in and complete the course?

    I set my completion criteria at 95%, meaning your employees must show up for 95% of the classes to finish the workshop. When your employees complete my Master Class, my team prepares a certificate. Ask your employees to share their credentials with you.

  • How long does it take to get eLearning setup once we register?

    In most cases, we get your eLearning portal set up within one business day.

  • We have a Learning Management System (LMS). Can we upload your courses to our LMS?

    Absolutely you can! My courses work with any LMS that supports SCORM, xAPI, or AICC. Our course authoring tool partner has manually tested more than 150 leading learning management systems to ensure compatibility, display, and tracking. When you integrate our training classes into your LMS, you save money. Our LMS modules (all 8 courses packaged in separate LMS files) are $997 for a one year lease or $4997 for a perpetual agreement. Click on LMS Integration to learn more.

  • Will my employees have a chance to ask you questions?

    Yes! I hold virtual office hours a couple of times a month. I announce my live office hours in the Master Class online community.

  • We need to pay by check. Can you send me an invoice?

    Sure can. Click on "Contact" from the navigation menu at the bottom of this page and select "Request an invoice." Be sure to let us know which training package you want.

  • What if we don't need every module in the Master Class?

    When customers don't need all of our modules, we set up a custom portal with only the modules you need. Be sure to let us know if you don't need each module.

Customer Service Master Class is Access to my Full Library of Courses!


Access my entire training library for one year, including any content I release during your active subscription. In my digital customer service classes, I teach your employees how to talk with friendliness, show empathy, write human-tone chats and emails, and make customers feel heard and understood. We also take on how to de-escalate customers.

Prepare your team to redirect challenging interactions and deliver a fantastic customer experience!