De-escalation Academy for Customer Service Specialists


The most comprehensive training for bringing down the temperature in interactions, redirecting conversations, and getting angry customers to back down

De-escalation Academy is the only training for customer service that not only shows your employees how to redirect verbal aggression and regain control of interactions - but how to get customers to accept their word as final. 


Before I tell you about this behavior-transforming training, let’s talk about who this is for…

Your employees feel uncomfortable talking to pushy customers, denying requests, giving bad news, or they’re struggling with conversation control.

And your employees...

  • Lack the confidence to make their word final and end up giving in (or escalate calls to you) when customers push.

  • Get flustered or nervous when customers become aggressive, and they either throw money at the problem or escalate the call.

  • Occasionally deal with aggressive customers who yell, cuss, cut them off, or immediately ask for a supervisor.

  • Struggle with call control.

  • Have a hard time saying 'no,' giving bad news, or telling customers what they don't want to hear.

  • Work from home and don't have quick access to supervisors and peers for support when they talk to challenging customers.

  • Haven't had formal de-escalation training.

You’re in the right place. I’m going to tell you exactly how De-escalation Academy will prepare your employees to use empathy, psychology, and tactical maneuvers to get angry customers to back down.

De-escalation Training Mirrors My Live Digital De-escalation Training

Same content. Same classroom hours. Same high-interaction.

I created De-escalation Academy to mirror the content and customization of my live digital de-escalation three-hour workshops and to reach a wider audience. (I'm facilitating an average of 3 digital workshops a week - my max!) 

My De-escalation Training students get the same content I share in my live digital workshops. When students work through the activities and conversation prep on my worksheets, they get the same learning activities I facilitate in live training.

Like my live workshops, my De-escalation Training students get full access to me - in this case, during my weekly Office Hours.

By the end of this training, your employees will have worked out:

  • Exactly what they fear about issuing a denial, telling a customer what they don’t want to hear, or enforcing a contentious policy.
  • Getting results with their words using psychological priming to significantly increase the rate of customers accepting their word as final.
  • The role empathy plays in making customers feel understood and moving customers out of the emotional right-brain. (Conveying empathy early significantly reduces average handle time.)
  • How to tactically use labeling to bring down the temperature in emotionally-charged interactions.
  • Positive positioning to reframe the customer’s perspective on the issue.
  • Why customers pushback or ask for a supervisor.
  • Two tools to remove themselves as a threat in the customer’s mind (if the customer sees you as a threat, no meaningful dialogue will take place).
  • How to tactically use their voice tone and downward inflection to assert their authority and redirect interactions.
  • Why they must link the communication chain to defuse anger and move the customer out of venting.
  • Call control techniques that immediately get their average handle time down.

Customer Spotlight: Walmart eCommerce

“When I needed soft skills and call controls eLearning for Customer Care Agents, it quickly became apparent that Myra’s materials were the gold standard. ”

Senior Learning Designer, Customer Care, Walmart eCommerce

Betty Doyle

Individual: 197 USD, Teams (up to 60 learners): 1997 USD, Enterprise: (61+ learners) 4997 USD.

Twelve Months Access. Three enrollment options:

John Hancock loved the interaction

“The thing that struck me about Myra Golden’s eLearning modules was how engaging they were. You are asked to actively participate in each module, and there are action items you take away. Our participants comment about how time flies when they are taking them – another indication of their engagement.”



My training challenged and invigorated this student

“Thank you so much for your videos. I am required to take a specific amount of e-learning a year in my customer service job. I work in the call center of a pharmacy benefit manager. Until I found your videos, I felt like I was watching paint dry. I only paid attention enough to pass the required tests at the end of the videos. Your videos have challenged and invigorated me.”

Customer from Wisconsin


Weekly Q & A

Once a week, I hold Office Hours for my De-escalation students. Your employees can ask me questions about situations they struggle with or about the video lessons. My office hours vary from week to week to fit my training schedule and support my students' global time zones. I post my office hours in the private De-escalation Academy community.

Module 1: Psychological Communication

What's inside De-escalation Academy

Module 2: Tactical De-escalation Maneuvers

What's inside De-escalation Academy

Module 3: 4R De-escalation Method

What's inside De-escalation Academy

Module 4: Significant Situations + Graduation & Certificates

What's inside De-escalation Academy

Watch Intro Video

Sit in on a recent Q & A Inside De-escalation Academy!


  • How long do we have access to the training?

    De-escalation Academy alumni can review my video lessons and supplemental worksheets for 12 months.

  • What is the total time commitment for De-escalation Academy?

    The total classroom training time is 75 minutes. I build your employees' confidence and guide them through getting angry customers to back down in short segments (no more than five minutes per piece). Each module in the Academy, my students develop phrases and statements to use with their customers on my worksheets, guides, and checklists. The customized work on the supplemental sheets (homework or completed right in the Academy) will add to training commitment.

  • Do my employees need to be available all 4 days?

    I drip video lessons and scenario work over four days to reduce the feeling of overwhelm and allow time to practice the techniques in customer interactions and come back feeling successful. Students can participate in 4 days or stretch their participation out as long as they need - up to 12 months.

  • Do you offer bulk enrollment discounts?

    Yes. We have three pricing tiers. Individual: 197 USD, Teams (up to 60 learners) 1997 USD, Enterprise (61+ learners) 4997 USD.

  • How will you customize scenarios and make the training relevant to my employees?

    Much like my live digital workshops, I'll ask my students to apply real situations they struggle with to the frameworks I guide them through. When your employees work through my 4R De-escalation Method with their actual cases, they glean insights they'll adopt and apply when they give customers terrible news, issue a denial, say 'no,' and deal with challenging customers.

  • How can I be sure my employees participate in and complete the course?

    I set my completion criteria at 98%, meaning your employees must show up for 98% of the classes to finish the workshop. When your employees complete De-escalation Training, my team prepares a certificate. Ask your employees to share their credentials with you.

  • Does it matter what day of the week my employees start De-escalation Academy since lessons drip over four days?

    Students can start any day of the week. The day you register your team is Day One, and lessons will drip from the start. To support global time zones, I release modules at 12:00 am GMT/7:00 pm ET daily. By the time a student gets to work in the mornings in the United States, the daily lesson will be ready for them.

  • Is De-escalation Training part of your Full-Access Pass or LMS Integration?

    No. I do have a fantastic How to Handle Difficult Customers + De-escalation course in my Full-Access Pass, but the De-escalation Training goes deeper. My De-escalation students gain value from real-play activities, Q & A every Friday, a supportive learning community, direct access to me via text, and certification upon completion

  • Did you do away with your LIVE 4-day live De-escalation Academy?

    We had our first De-escalation Academy in January 2021, and it was amazing, with students attending from Spain, Nigeria, Canada, India, and the US. Because my Academy includes daily Q & A and constant feedback, I'm not able to be present for monthly commitments. De-escalation Academy On-demand features the same content and worksheets as the Academy. What's different is I'm not doing daily live Q & A through video. In De-escalation Academy On-demand, students can submit questions through our private community and our business text line. I respond to questions weekly during my office hours.

De-escalation Academy Schedule

Start any day of the week!

Students can start any day of the week. The day you register your team is Day One, and lessons will drip from your team's start date. To support global time zones, I release modules at 12:00 am GMT/7:00 pm ET daily. By the time a student gets to work in the mornings in the United States, the daily lesson will be ready for them.

Individual: 197 USD, Teams (up to 60 learners): 1997 USD, Enterprise: (61+ learners) 4997 USD.

Twelve Months Access. Three enrollment options: